Animal Health and Welfare training module

Animal Health and Welfare – Concepts and Tools for International and European Governance


Week  1:  Framework  and  concepts  –  lectures  and  working  group,  case studies

  • International and European governance framework and regulations
  • Stakes and impact assessment of animal health and zoonosis on public health and on the economy
  • Global concept of risk analysis, prioritization of diseases, concrete tools


Week  2:  Tools  for  sanitary  risk  assessment  and  management  –  lectures, field visits

  • Surveillance and control strategies: how to design and choose the correct one
  • On-farm biosecurity, traceability: importance and implementation
  • Animal welfare :  regulations,  recent  improvements,  scientific  tools  to  assess  animal welfare on field
  • European regulations for import and export of live animals and animal products


Week 3: International and European Governance – European study tour to Brussels, Paris and Roma

  • International standard setting process
  • European implementation and stakes in Animal Health Law
  • Tools for International cooperation in the animal health sector